Doctors warn people over self medications

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Doctors all over the country have gone a head to warn the people of self medications.

The Health workers in the country are worried about a dangerous practice where people are purchasing  expired drugs over the counter to treat and manage various diseases.

The habit is commonly referred to as ‘self-medication’, this involves the use of medicinal products by the consumer to treat self-diagnosed disorders or symptoms, or the intermittent or continued use of medication prescribed by a physician for chronic or recurrent diseases or symptoms.

The habit has far-reaching implications including creating drug-resistant bugs!

This habit has made many people to become doctors and nurses in their homes because they tend to treat themselves.

We interacted with one of the doctors in Mulago hospital and he told us that “People nolonger follow doctors guidelines when taking drugs, they tend to take excess drugs which end up causing poison in the body,”.

Many diseases have been caused due to poor instructions from the senior doctors and nurses.

Some people fear going to the hospital so they tend to be doctors at their own. Soke have AIDS /HIV so they fear the public to know so they end up buying drugs and treat themselves silently

I conclusion, we encourage all people to be vigilant when seeing the doctors when they are sick for proper guidelines on how to take the drugs.


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