June 24, 2024

King Saha disappointed in Telecom Companies

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Struggling local vocalist and music writer King Saha, real name Ssemanda Mansour, is disappointed in telecom companies. This is apparently because they refused to sponsor his upcoming Ebiseera concert scheduled for December 2023.

The singer said he doesn’t care if they don’t give him any of their money. He knows the time will come when they want him more than he wants them.

According to the singer, telecom companies get a lot of money from his music, but they don’t return the money to artists. He didn’t look for them to sponsor him but wanted them to come on board by themselves, as he doesn’t have the energy to write proposals to them.

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King Saha told our news reporters that “I expected telecom companies to sponsor my show because they feed off my content, but they kept silent. They want me to write proposals and turn myself upside down. I’m not going to do that; let them stay with their money.”.

However, it should be noted that these days, musicians organize their concerts themselves. They no longer use promoters because they are not given enough money for their work.

In conclusion, King Saha is one of the best musicians in Uganda, and his music is always topping charts. He had planned to do his concert next year, in 2024. He, however, decided to let his concert happen this year in December, saying the venue was the problem.

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