May 24, 2024

Gravity Omutujju drops ‘Leero’ brand new song

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Gereson Wabuyi, commonly known as Gravity Omutujju, has dropped a massive new hit dubbed Leero. For starters, Leero is a Luganda word that means “today” in the English language. Gravity Omutujju is one of the Ugandan artists who sings about whatever crosses his mind, and people vibe to his songs all day.

Apparently, the Okwepicha singer made the official announcement about this new project through his official social media platforms.

Remember, Gravity Omutujju started singing as a student at Old Kampala Secondary School, where he picked up Gravity Omutujju as a stage name? At the age of 17, he signed with Redemption Studios, where he recorded his first song, “Joanita”.

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“Leero will be officially out on November 7, 2023,” Gravity posted. According to social media in-laws, they believe Omutujju’s new project will be the song of the year, even though it is coming late towards the end of the year.

In conclusion, the singer later joined producer Didi in Born Fire, a Makindye-based group, where he connected with other artists with whom he has collaborated. Just like any other artist in the business, he has received media attention for his criticisms of other musicians.

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