June 14, 2024

Kaye Wisdom And Tamale Mirundi Jr In Verbal War

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Wisdom Kaye and Tamale Mirundi Jr. are currently embroiled in a verbal war. They are busy attacking each other on their social media platforms.

Kaye and Mirundi Jr. have been creating content together. They also used to host each other on their social media platforms and even move with each other to different places.

“Wisdom Kaye is a very bad person. He got very angry when I purchased my Subaru, yet I thought he was a good friend.

Kaye, meanwhile, said the problem came from him having so many more material things than Tamale Mirundi Jr. He showed off his land titles, daring Tamale Mirundi Jr. to also show off some if he really has them.

However, early this month, they started speaking poorly about each other and revealing some of their dirty secrets. Tamale Mirundi Jr. said the problem came from his newly purchased car (Subaru). He said that after he bought it, Wisdom Kaye got very jealous.

Instead of congratulating him for getting a new car, he just told him something that angered him.

“I don’t want Tamale Mirundi Jr. to go around lying to people about his life. He should show off documents of his property and also state house documents,” he said.

In conclusion, the motormouthed gossiper asked Mirundi Jr. to also represent documents that show he really works in the state house instead of deceiving people all the time.

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