March 3, 2024

Diana Nabatanzi speaks about Police Rant video after Accident

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Ugandan film entertainer, radio personality, BBS TV presenter, film maker, essayist, chief, and scriptwriter Diana Nabatanzi has opened up about the trending video on social media platforms where she was seen exchanging with police officers after they allegedly scratched her Range Rover Sport car in a minor car accident.

However, while addressing the trending false rumors, Diana Nabatanzi clearly notes that the trending video is not current as it happened in 2021. Additionally, the BBS Kiri Kitya TV show presenter revealed that someone without her permission filmed the video.

Nabatanzi told uncoveredug news reporters, “To my family and friends. I am very okay. I just parked on the roadside sometime in 2021. Someone captured the video, added audio, and released it now because of their own interest! I’ve never had any accidents, and God forbid it won’t happen. Ignore the fake news!! Black hearts!!! Thank you all for the concern.”.

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The unidentified person also went ahead and made a voiceover on the video and decided to release it for social media in-laws because of his or her own personal interest.

In conclusion, Diana also noted that she has never been involved in any accidents with any police officers. This, therefore, means she cautioned her followers to ignore the fake news making all sorts of rounds on different social media platforms.

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