April 13, 2024
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Winnie Nwagi and Chosen Blood video leaked. Social media users are currently in a state of shock and surprise after a leak that involves singers Chozen Blood and Winnie Nwagi. The pair have been subject to rumors of chewing each other for a while now.

Ever since they released their hit song, Yitayo Ondabeko, they have been involved in a number of rumors and scandals. They are said to have dated and chewed on themselves, although they denied this. At one point, Nwagi‘s former maid, whom she thumped, came out and said that it’s true the singers had an intimate relationship.

At some point, the Sharpshooter singer came out in the news and said that he was being threatened. A certain man had called him, threatening him to leave the curvy singer or else he would kill him. While almost crying, Chozen Blood denied dating the self-styled Firebaby. He said that they are simply friends and nothing more.

Later on, in an interview with Bukedde TV, he openly apologized to the Malaika singer. He said that he was sorry for whatever he did to her and now wants them to go back to how they were.

Even to talk to him, he makes it a hustle. When she calls, he doesn’t pick up and generally ghosts her. Therefore, she’s going to leave him alone and won’t mind his habits because she’s tired.

In conclusion, now, in a twist of events, an audio has leaked with the Swangz Avenue singer complaining about how the handsome singer denies her attention. She can be heard saying how she’s going to leave him alone because he makes her beg a lot.

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