July 15, 2024

Winnie Nwagi: Daughter Won’t Meet Her Real Dad, Ever

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Winnie Nwagi, the singer, said she’s really determined to make sure her daughter never meets her real dad. She talked about this strongly, saying it won’t happen while she’s alive. She mentioned being the one who took care of her daughter in the hospital, not the biological father.

She also told her daughter that she’s both mom and dad. The singer doesn’t expect her daughter to ask about her real dad. If she does, Nwagi promised to find her a new daddy.

Winnie Nwagi told uncoveredug news reporters that “my daughter will never at any time ask to see her dad. I was the one in the hospital, and I have groomed her until today. Besides, I don’t expect her to ask me that because I told her I’m her father and mother. If she wants a father, I will get her one. Even if things don’t work out, I will go ahead and get another one until things stabilize. Let’s just assume that the man raped me and left, so I don’t know who impregnated me. I always ask God to be the one to forgive  him.”

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Furthermore, if things don’t go well, she’ll find another dad until things get better. Nwagi also thinks her baby’s dad did something bad to her, but she doesn’t want to know the details and doesn’t see it as a relationship.

In conclusion, when people asked why she’s still angry and unforgiving, the singer said she left it to God. In her prayers, she asks God to forgive her ex.

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