June 17, 2024

Bajjo and Doreen Nasasira set for the first Public Date

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Doreen Nasasira, a radio presenter, and events promoter Bajjo, real name Andrew Alfonso Mukasa, are set for the first public date. This is coming after Bajjo expressed his unending love for Doreen, saying she is the woman of his dreams and he can’t let her go.

The event promoter has been busy in the last few days talking about his love for Doreen. One of the ladies who has his child said he has never helped them, and he doesn’t even know what the child looks like.

Apparently, Bajjo said he is willing to do anything to get Doreen Nasasira’s attention. He said if it means going anywhere or doing something for her to prove his love, he will do it. The two have now planned a public date together to see if they will click and start a relationship.

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“I am very serious when it comes to Doreen Nasasira. I am going to take her on a public date. And I will express my love for her to see where things go for us,” he added.

This lady went ahead to expose Bajjo’s bedroom secrets; he is uncircumcised. She also added that he is not that good when it comes to bed matters.

According to Doreen Nasasira, she doesn’t care about the circumcision; after all, she prefers men who are uncircumcised.

In conclusion Her only problem was the amount of money she needed per week for upkeep. This is what Bajjo may not be able to keep up with as they go on in their relationship.

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