July 15, 2024

“Bajjo is not the type of man I want”-Doreen Nasasira

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Bajjo Alfonso, events promoter took to social media to express his unwavering admiration for KFM’s Doreen Nasasira in a series of posts.

Doreen told our news reporters that “what I want in a man is far from Bajjo, but I would like to thank him for pushing because that is what a man should do.”

She added that she would continue to post whatever gifts she receives from Bajjo as evidence because “I don’t trust him because he might wake up one day and say I detoothed him.”🤣”

“My childhood crush! The only woman I can love in my life nampa chance nva mubyekiyaaye. This woman is a hero; how can she make a commando crush on her? Please, Doreen, kindly accept my heart’s desire and love me. God, do a miracle; I will glorify your name!” reads one of the posts shared on Bajjo’s X platform.

“Everything about you is wonderful. I wish you were the cutest girl I know. I’m crazy about you. I think deep down you already knew that, too! “Wishing youa lovely, happiest birthday, Doreen nja kutta buli Musajja akusumbuwa baby girl,” Bajjo posted on Doreen’s birthday on the 26th of this month [November].

Apart from the birthday messages, Bajjo sent Doreen a bouquet of flowers, balloons, and a love letter on her birthday. He also hired a trumpeter to serenade the birthday girl.

In conclusion, Doreen responded to Bajjo’s public declarations of affection, stating that he is not her type and that he would need a rebrand if he were to have any chance with her.

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