June 24, 2024

Mikie Wine & Rahmah Pinky Dating Rumors

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Mikie Wine,is trending on various social media platforms after an outsider filmed him and songstress Rahmah Pinky having a sweet moment together.

Apparently, our news reporters tried to reach out to both artists to clear the air about the trending video, but we couldn’t get in touch because they both switched off their phones.

The Sulubada High Skool Entertainment CEO’s closeness to the former Team No Sleep (TNS) singer has caused mixed reactions across the entire internet.

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However, according to a very close source, we are told that Mikie Wine and Rahmah Pinky are very good friends. Additionally, the two artists are cooking something awesome for their fans; therefore, we should expect a massive collaboration from them.

According to insane social media in-laws, they believe that these two artists are eating the forbidden fruit in silence. Mikie is seen having an amazing chat with Pinky, almost close to each other at zero distance. Mikie was seated in his car while Pinky was all laughing in and out as she held Mikie Wine’s hand before they both hugged something that left a lot of questions.

In conclusion, Mikie Wine and his baby mama, Shazney Khan, separated on amicable grounds. We urge you to keep tabs on our social media platforms for the latest updates regarding this story.

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