June 17, 2024

Gabie Ntaate speaks about her struggles with Anger issues

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Gabie Ntaate, a gospel singer, has spoken about her struggles with anger issues. She said everything started when she was a young child, and it developed as she grew.

Ntaate told our news reporters that “I struggled with anger issues in the past. For some who knew me, challenging me in an argument didn’t come easily. However, currently, even when I’m not happy, I have a conviction not to say very bitter words.”.

She was so driven by peer pressure that she ended up escaping from home to go to bars and nightclubs to drink alcohol, which wasn’t good. Every time she would take alcohol, her anger would become more of a problem.

Apparently, it should be noted that Gabie Ntaate’s best friend, Precious Remmie, is a Muslim, but they still hang out and have fun😂😂😂😂.

However, the singer revealed that she doesn’t have a perfect past. This is despite her parents raising her in a good home with a Christian background.

According to Ntaate, life has changed for her ever since she gave her life to Christ. She slowly started managing her anger. She said she doesn’t remember the day someone challenged her in an argument and got away with it.

In conclusion, the singer said she is now a new person; anyone can do anything to her, and she doesn’t say anything about it.

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