June 17, 2024

Mulago Hospital conducts first kidney transplant

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Medical experts from Uganda and India performed a kidney transplant at Mulago Hospital on Thursday, the first in the country, sources have revealed.

However, Dr. Rosemary Byanyima, the acting executive director of the hospital, said, “We have been planning; we will let you know when we have done it.”.

Sources told the uncoveredug.com news platform that Prof. Frank Asiimwe, a consultant urologist and transplant surgeon at the hospital, led the team of Ugandan surgeons and other specialized medical professionals.

The surgery to place a healthy kidney from a donor into a 24-year-old male whose kidneys no longer functioned was done at the newly established organ transplant unit at the national regional hospital. Sources familiar with the four-hour operation said it was deemed a success, and both patients were stable after the operations.

Under the new law, unlawfully selling an organ from your body and paying for one have the same penalty as that of human organ trafficking, which is life imprisonment. The law also prescribes which facilities should do kidney transplant,who should do kidney transplant, and who shall ensure transparency and accountability

They were assisted by a team of specialist doctors from Yashoda Hospitals in India, where Ugandan doctors received intensive training earlier to do organ transplants.

They were among 15 specialists, including urologists, nephrologists, and nurses trained in aspects of kidney transplant in India, following an agreement between Mulago and Yashoda in 2014.

In conclusion, the takeoff for the actual transplant was delayed, with the doctors at Mulago Hospital blaming it on a lack of equipment and a lack of legal framework to start the life-saving surgeries.

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