June 17, 2024

Ministry of Health unveils new anti-malaria campaign

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The Ministry of Health has launched its pioneering anti-malaria campaign, “Malaria is a Thief”.

Uganda ranks 3rd highest in global malaria cases, accounting for a significant 5% of cases, and 7th in malaria-related deaths at 3%.

Aimed at reaching families, particularly caregivers, the campaign emphasizes how malaria can rob families of cherished moments, children of school days, and ultimately, life itself.

With a haunting 23.7% of all malaria cases in East and Southern Africa originating from Uganda, the urgency of this issue cannot be stressed enough.

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Dr.Jimmy Opigo, the program manager of the National Malaria Control Division, said, “Despite numerous interventions, the efforts have often been fragmented. It’s crucial for all stakeholders to work in tandem to bolster the fight against this preventable and treatable disease. Our aim is not just to control but to eliminate malaria. With the #MalariaIsAThief campaign, we’re seeking a more unified and directional approach, leveraging radio, TV, and digital platforms for maximum reach.”.

The campaign underscores the importance of preventive measures, like sleeping under mosquito nets, and aims to bridge gaps in knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding malaria prevention and control.

In conclusion, here at UncoveredUg.com, we encourage the citizens to co-operate with the Ministry to fight against anti-Malaria campaign 🙏

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