June 14, 2024

Mulago hospital gets new capnography to monitor patient breath

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Mulago Hospital’s anesthesia department has acquired a new capnography device, which promises to enhance its medical services.

Anesthesia is a critical medical practice where healthcare professionals induce temporary unconsciousness in patients to perform medical procedures without causing pain or discomfort.

Capnography is a vital medical monitoring technique that measures the concentration of carbon dioxide in a patient’s breath. It is employed in healthcare facilities during anesthesia to assess the patient’s respiratory status. Dr. Elizabeth Namugaya Igaga, the treasurer of the Association of Anesthesiologists of Uganda, emphasized that they have faced challenges in positioning tubes for monitoring patients’ breath during surgery.

However, Namugaya noted that, especially in the case of infants, due to their size, tubes can sometimes shift and end up in the wrong position. The introduction of the Smile Train Life Box capnograph device will revolutionize patient monitoring. It ensures that every breath a patient takes is closely monitored to confirm that the tube is correctly positioned. The capnograph machine also provides real-time data on the patient’s oxygen and carbon dioxide levels during surgery.

Currently, they are actively engaged in training healthcare providers at Mulago Hospital and other regional referral hospitals while advocating for the widespread adoption of these devices across the country.

Namugaya told our news reporters that “in simple layman’s language, this device makes sure that your anesthesia provider is providing the gas that you need to breathe in and out through the right channels through the windpipe and not any other pathway of the body.”.

In conclusion, Dr. Mary Theresa Nabukenya, president of the Association of Anesthesiologists of Uganda, highlighted the versatility of the device. It can be used by patients even after surgery to monitor their respiratory systems, especially in hospitals without intensive care units. Read more 

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