July 20, 2024

Victor Kamenyo advises all his Wife’s admirers to use Soap

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Singer Victor Kamenyo has advised all the men out there who admire his wife to just “buy soap and help themselves out.” This is because they will never get her, as the two are madly in love with each other.

Kamenyo told our uncovered news reporters that “I will advise everyone admiring my woman to just buy soap and help themselves because they will never get her. I’m just madly and deeply in love with her, and so is she. For the misunderstandings that we had, they were sorted. So many people spend billions on love, but for me, who has it for free, I have to cherish it.”.

Furthermore, the Silina Namalala singer said that he’s glad to be in love with his wife Ruth, and they have sorted out everything that used to bother them.

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In regards to his music, the singer said that he has very classic and timeless music. This is able to stand the test of time, even if he doesn’t sing in the next 20 years. He will still thrive.

Meanwhile, his wife, Ruth, said that the issues they had were finally sorted out. Therefore, she won’t ever break his heart again. They also plan to legalize their marriage.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the rapper was in the headlines two years ago for pleading with his woman to come back home. He said that she thought he was cheating on her, but that wasn’t the case. They sorted out this misunderstanding and are now living happily.

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