July 15, 2024

Geosteady discharged from hospital After a four day sickness

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Singer Geosteady, aka Hassan George Kigozi, has been discharged from the hospital after four days of struggling with a strange disease that left him bedridden.

The singer said he is so grateful for the gift of life that Allah has granted him once again. He apparently doesn’t take any minute of his life for granted.

He said he had gotten his last shots of medicine and was ready to go back home and restart a normal, healthy life.

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“It’s now been 4 days in the hospital since I had my last shot. Thank Allah for this gift of life. I’m always grateful 🙏🏾🙏🏾,” he posted.

They, however, came to terms with how to raise their children. In this regard, Geosteady and Prima Kardashi have been respectful of each other’s relationships.

While announcing that he was sick on social media, Geosteady didn’t show the person who was taking care of him. Additionally, ever since he changed from Christianity to Islam, he has been very religious. He has devoted his time to serving Allah.

Apparently, Geosteady is the father of three children from two different ladies. He is currently in a relationship with another lady known as Hindu Kay, but they have no children yet.

Geosteady - Tonkendeza singer

In conclusion, he moved in with this lady immediately after separating from his baby mama and ex-wife, Prima Kardashi. At first, it wasn’t easier for them to co-parent, as they accused each other of being the reason for the breakup.

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