June 24, 2024

Mikie Wine Clears the Air about dating Rahmah Pinky

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Mikie Wine has cleared the air about dating young singer Rahmah Pinky. He said Pinky is a sister to him, and he wouldn’t make the mistake of falling in love with her at any point in his life. made these statements after a video of him and Rahmah Pinky flirting surfaced on social media.

Mike Wine told uncoveredug news reporters that “Me and Rahmah Pinky are just friends, and she is my sister. I don’t know why people would even say I am dating  her,”.

In a video, Mikie and Pinky were seen laughing and chatting. One was in the car, and the other was out. After that, Pinky posted photos of her and Mikie having a meal together in a restaurant, putting on the same clothes they appeared in in a video.

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However, this young singer has also been rumored to be dating Grenade Official, who is also older than her. For Mikie Wine, he separated from his first baby mama. He quickly moved on with his second baby mama, who is heavily pregnant.

According to Mikie Wine, it is a bad thing to have a meal with a friend and a sister like Rahmah Pinky. He also said people are free to think whatever they want; the truth will remain the truth.

In conclusion, Pinky has been involved in relationship scandals with much older men. There is an older, rich man that her family had set up for her to marry, but she ran away on the wedding day.

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