June 17, 2024

Ronald Mayinja denies deportation rumours

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Ronald Mayinja has dismissed claims that he was deported from the UK, where he has been living with his family since May. Mayinja returned to Uganda early this week to find a lot of reports and speculations in the media.

While addressing a press conference in Makindye on Friday, the former Eagles Production artist clarified that he was never deported, as reported in some circles. He explained that his six-month stay in the UK was legal. He apparently has all the paperwork to prove it.

However, he revealed that in the UK, he and his family have been living in their own house. He claims he purchased it and is still paying for it through a mortgage.

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Mayinja told uncoveredug news reporters that “some of you have friends in the UK; you can phone them and ask if I have been staying at someone else’s home. I can tell you that the way I sleep here is the same way I have been sleeping  there.

“I was there legally, and I left legally. That is why my kids are studying there. They wouldn’t be if I was there illegally. So, those reports that I ran away from here or that I was deported are not true. I have a resident permit in the UK, as do all my family members that I left behind,” he added.

In conclusion, Mayinja also emphasized that he did not sell his Munyonyo mansion, as reported. However, he rented it out to tenants. Currently, he said he is staying at another one of his houses in Kampala.

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