June 17, 2024

King Saha Reveals Why He Now Fears Women

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King Saha, who just concluded his Ebiseera Ebyo concert at Hotel Africana over the weekend, says he has been quite unlucky with relationships. Apparently, women have broken his heart so many times that he has even lost count.

King Saha is known for his melodic voice and love songs. These have made many of his fans fall in love with his music. Songs like Mpa Love, Ow’omukwano, Biri Biri, On My Way, Pretty Pretty, Hullo, Bambi, and Gundeeze, among others, have been top hits.

King Saha said in an interview that “there is no youth; women have hurt like me on this earth… I think after they finish school, they tell them to go and disrespect Saha so that when they are done ruining my life, they go and find men to get married  to.”

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Additionally, he further joked that women played with his mind so much that he couldn’t even think anymore. Apparently, he reached a point where he wondered if they would sit in a meeting collectively to discuss how to treat him.

As someone who sings about love, one would think that everything goes well in his world. However, he revealed to his fans that he’s been heartbroken by women more than any other person in the world.

In conclusion, it appears his statement has come to give energy to some men on social media. These groups always keep warning young men to fear women.

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