July 15, 2024
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Musician Cindy Sanyu has revealed why the Blu 3 are coming back for a reunion. It should be noted that music fans were thrown into ecstasy a few days ago after it was announced that the legendary band would be reuniting.

Cindy Sanyu says, “We didn’t get a chance to finally bid farewell to our fans. And I think this will be the final chance for us to do it. Apparently, further details will be coming in, as we just wanted corporate companies and fans on alert. We are also in the studio recording some new music.”

According to the Boom Party singer, this seems like the final dance for the trio. She said that they never got a chance to bid farewell to their fans. This is therefore going to be the final lap for them. She also revealed that they are currently in the studio recording new music. Besides, the announcement was made to make brands and fans aware of what they were planning to do.

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It should be noted that the original group consisted of Lilian Mbabazi, Jackie Chandiru, and Cinderella Sanyu.

In conclusion, they released several bangers, such as Hitaji, Wekume, and Burn, among others, before parting ways. Cindy was the first to ditch the group in 2009, and she was replaced by Mya. Later on, Mya left, and Jackie and Lilian disbanded the group. Initially, they were all successful, but Cindy’s longevity made her stand out.

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