June 17, 2024

Winnie Nwagi On Why Ugandan Artistes aren’t on O2 Arena

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Singer Winnie Nwagi has given reasons why Ugandan artists haven’t reached the point of performing at the O2 arena in London. Only big artists perform at that venue, and it is very hard for fans to fill it unless an artist is extremely popular.

Nwagi told uncoveredug news reporters that “Ugandan music is not consumed worldwide; that’s why we have not yet reached a point of performing at 02. Even Ugandans outside Uganda don’t support the local music, and that is the reason most people don’t know about  it.”

Nwagi said if Ugandans were supportive, maybe the music would be heard outside the country. Artists would then organize concerts at 02 Arena, as there is so much support.

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One of the African artists that have filled such a venue is Wizkid from Nigeria. His show sold out very fast, and some fans didn’t get an opportunity to secure a ticket. Ugandans have been questioning their artists, wondering why they can’t also make it to the O2 Arena.

According to Winnie Nwagi, Ugandan music hasn’t crossed borders like Nigerian music. She said Ugandans alone are jealous of each other. They don’t like seeing one of them prosper.

In conclusion, it should be noted that most artists here in Uganda don’t even fill up the local stadiums when they decide to have a concert.

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