June 17, 2024

‘Gravity Omutujju respect your elders’ – Balaam Barugahara

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Balaam Barugahara, the events promoter, has advised controversial singer Gravitty Omutujju to show respect to elders. He said people who respect others often become more successful and live longer than disrespectful ones.

However, Gravity Omutujju attacks anyone that crosses his path, especially when they talk about him. At times, he even attacks those who don’t say anything about him but are relevant to society.

Balaam told our news reporters that “I want to advise Gravitty Omutujju to start respecting his elders. His hospital proposal is good, but it was handled immaturely. Respect, especially in these celebrities, is everything; Gravity needs to learn how everything works.”.

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The singer always wants to trend on social media and in mainstream media for both good and bad reasons.

Recently, he started demanding a hospital from NUP president and singer Bobi Wine from nowhere. He pushed harder, to the extent of asking President Museveni to contribute to the building of the hospital.

According to Balaam, the idea of building a hospital is very good, but the approach Gravitty used is disrespectful.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Gravity is one of the local singers who thrives only through media attention. His songs are always coined from trending words on the streets. Most of these are obviously vulgar words.

In conclusion, he asked the singer to do better next time if he wants something because the people he is dealing with are his elders.

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