June 17, 2024

Comedian Maulana Reveals Why His Ex Got Him Arrested

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Comedian Maulana Kasozi of the comedy duo Maulana and Reign has disclosed the alleged real reason why his ex-wife Shubirah Nalujja got him arrested.

He was quickly back to work and performed at Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store at Lazio Bar on Wednesday.
Speaking about the cause of his arrest, he said that his ex still loves him despite him moving on already.

Maulana told uncoveredug news reporters that “her accusations against me weren’t true at all. She’s just jealous and nothing much. You know there is a person who you separate from, and they still have feelings for you. That’s her only problem, jealousy, but I do look after my kids.”.

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According to Maulana, they separated, but unfortunately for Shubirah, she’s still madly in love with him. This is why she made the lie that he doesn’t look after his kids and got him arrested.

Furthermore, he revealed that the matters are still in court, and they will be handling them. Also, his work partner, Reign, said that they are going to open a case against the officers who arrested him because they did it unprofessionally.
Meanwhile, Shubirah said that she no longer wants anything to do with her baby daddy.

After a series of warrants were issued for him, the comedian was arrested a few days ago. However, he didn’t spend much time behind bars and got released on bail.

In conclusion Any woman who wants him can take him. This is because she can’t tolerate a man who is always marrying each and every day. They share three kids together.

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