July 15, 2024

Crysto Panda And DJ Alisha Seen Chewing Themselves In Studio

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Crysto Panda and DJ Alisha. Social media has been left in murmurs and whispers over a video shared on social media that has singer and media personality Crysto Panda together with DJ Alisha. The duo works together on NRG Radio.

However, social media users have all come to the conclusion that the two are definitely feasting on each other. And if the Mpele singer hasn’t eaten, then his game is weak. Besides, the singer has been linked to a couple of ladies around Kampala, especially in the entertainment industry.

In this video, they can be seen getting touchy-feely with each other. Alisha can be seen seated on the Kyoyina Omanya singer’s lap. The two then further get lovey-dovey, and from the look of things, DJ Alisha is madly in love with the singer.

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Remember, he has been linked a lot to Sanyuka TV’s Uncut presenter, Sandra Lian. However, this has predominantly been rumored. But for Alisha, things might soon get serious due to their behavior.

Additionally, DJ Alisha is one of the most beautiful women in Kampala. Several of her photos and social media uploads have always left many men salivating.

In conclusion, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Sharpshooter Panda has already dived into her interlacustrine region. Crysto Panda and DJ Alisha.

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