June 17, 2024

Fresh Kid to hold a concert next year

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Fresh Kid has revealed that he’s planning a concert next year, and he will be communicating the details in due time. Apparently, the singer rose onto the scene a few years ago and has maintained his status.

Fresh kid told uncoveredug news reporters that “next year will be largely for me to concentrate on academics since I will be doing my P.7. But I will also be releasing music during the holidays. Besides, I also plan to do a concert next year because I have enough songs. Further details will be communicated in due  time.”

Speaking to a local TV station, the Bambi rapper said that next year is going to be a bit busy for him. This is because he will be doing his primary schooling and will largely concentrate on academics. However, he will be releasing music during the holidays too. And when the time is right, he will do a concert because he has the songs necessary.

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Apparently, the singer amazingly did GNL Zamba’s verse on the song Nakupenda featuring Aziz Azion at the latter’s concert. This left everyone, including GNL Zamba, applauding the young rapper.

In conclusion, the child star revealed that he plans to do a collaboration with legendary rapper GNL Zamba. Apparently, the two worked on a remix of GNL’s Uganda Yaffe, but there were many singers. And according to Fresh Kid, they will soon do a duet.

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