June 17, 2024

Catherine Kusasira: “I Can Battle The Entire Music Industry Alone”.

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Catherine Kusasira has bragged that she has the possibility of battling almost all Ugandan musicians single-handedly and beating them hands down.

However, she told our news reporters, “Well, when I touch the microphone and start singing, it’s self-evident that I’m the best. I didn’t just learn to sing; I was born with a talent. Definitely, I can battle anyone who comes my  way.”

This followed a compliment from her daughter, who said that she’s the most talented singer in the country. He also said she can take on the entire music industry.

Furthermore, the singer said that her talent is self-evident. When she touches the microphone and sings, she leaves birds envious. Besides, she didn’t just learn to sing; she was born with a talent.

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Apparently, she has experience in the music industry that spans over two decades. She started out singing in the now-defunct Eagles Production Band.

This band had the likes of Mesach Ssemakula, Ronald Mayinja, and Geoffrey Lutaaya, among others.

Over the years, Kusasira has produced some classic music, but branding herself the best could be a bit of an overstretch. Meanwhile, she revealed that she went back to school and is in her second year.

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