June 17, 2024

Maro asks Ugandans to welcome him Like a foreign Artiste

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Maro has asked Ugandans to give him a warm welcome like they do with foreign artists when they come to Uganda. He said he needs a special treat for once because he has been in the music industry for some time and Ugandans love his music.

Maro left the country two years ago to seek greener pastures. Since then, he hasn’t been that active in his music, and the few songs he has released haven’t gone viral.

In Uganda, wherever there is a concert that brings an international artist, there is always some type of welcome and vibe it brings. An international artist is picked up at the airport like a king, and a special press conference isorganized for them.

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“Dear Uganda, I would love to get the same welcome these foreign artists get, yet I just got to know their names and music in the course of promotion. Some black SUVs, number plates replaced with Nasser Rd. “Maro” plates, some bu gals, cameras, and oho flowers, caputvideoss,” he posted.

According to Maro, he believes that not only international artists deserve this welcome; he would be happy to see that happen to him.

In conclusion, the singer said he will be announcing the dates of his return so that promoters and Ugandans can get ready for him.

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