July 15, 2024

Wisdom Kaye Accuses Gov’t Of Not Wanting To Help Art Industry

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Wisdom Kaye has accused the government of not wanting to help the arts industry. He said they are using them because they have influence, but with their talent, they deserve a lot more than what is being offered to them.

Kaye told uncoveredug news reporters that “government teyagala kuyamba arts industry. They know if they empower artists, it will be very different because they will be  powerful.”

Entertainers, especially musicians, have been trying to engage the government on several issues. They have formed an association (Uganda Musicians Association) and the UNMF (Uganda National Musicians Federation) to fight for the copyright law. Kenzo even met President Museveni to talk about musicians and what can be done to help them.

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However, the music critic said the government knows if it empowers artists, they will become more powerful than them.

In conclusion, there is a rumor going around that the government is going to give musicians some money. Some artists have been saying the money is not going to be as helpful as they think it should be. According to Wisdom Kaye, he has engaged with some people in government and doesn’t think they are willing to help musicians. He said the government knows it needs artists, but it doesn’t know how to keep these musicians closer, rather than giving them a little money.

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