July 20, 2024

NBS Sport Journalist Aamal Kansiime Attempts Suicide

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Aamal Kansiime attempted suicide. NBS Sport presenter Aamal Kansiime has left social media users in shock after she expressed suicidal thoughts. She took to her Twitter page and expressed how she’s tired of leaving.

According to a tweet on her official page, she said that she’s not suicidal, but she’s simply tired of existing. Therefore, she found it wise to take her own life in order for her soul to be at peace and ease.

Despite attempts from some of her followers to reach out to her, she turned them down and even scolded them. Kansiime told them to stop trying to call her, as she’s not changing her mind about her decision.

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She’s for the last couple of years risen the ladder at Next Media Services’ Sport channel. Besides, the media powerhouse recently revealed how it’s going to lay off 600 employees. It’s not clear whether she’s part of them or if this is the reason she’s turned suicidal.

Hopefully, she gets help before she does anything unfortunate. All we can do for now is pray and wish her peace, plus overcome whatever is driving her to such ends. Aamal Kansiime attempted suicide.

In conclusion, here at uncoveredug, we don’t know the real reason that has triggered her to make these remarks. But what we know for sure is that mental health is a situation that has often been overlooked, especially in Africa. Most people are expected to be mentally strong, especially due to the situation, but not everyone has a strong character.

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