June 24, 2024

Haruna Mubiru advises Alien Skin to control his Gang

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Hajj Haruna Mubiru has advised singer Alien Skin to tame his gang members. Apparently, these are unruly and ill-mannered.

Apparently, this week, they beat up former Fangon Forest member Biswanka, accusing him of dissing their boss. He was found at a H&M restaurant, where he was eating food. This restaurant belongs to Haruna Mubiru.

Haruna told uncoveredug news reporters that “we have been in the music business for quite a while, and we have never fought. It’s not like we can’t, but that’s so bad. Alien Skin should tame his boys. I have never seen him beat anyone, but I don’t understand why his boys do it.”.

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Ever since the Party singer rose to fame, he’s been surrounded by controversy. Some of these have been physical and violent altercations with people who disagree with him.

Even becoming the big star he is now was a violent occurrence. He was beaten and embarrassed by Pallaso, which tilted public sympathy in his favor, thus the overnight success.

The act of exchanging blows now should be in the studio. Additionally, he said that for those who have stood the test of time, they never beat up anyone. Besides, he has never seen Alien Skin beat anyone and doesn’t understand why his crew members do it.

In conclusion, a video showed a violent scuffle ensuing, and chaos was caused despite there being other customers. However, according to Haruna, musicians no longer behave violently.

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