June 17, 2024

Bobi Wine’s Gateman, Sharif Higeyi earns University Degree

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Sharif Higeyi,a long time gateman of a prominent Ugandan opposition figure Bobi Wine was among over 1,800 students who graduated from Kampala International University (KIU) during a recent ceremony.

Sharif Higeyi, who has worked as a gateman at Wine’s home for several years, earned a diploma in public administration. The story of Sharif Higeyi has also attracted widespread attention as he pursued higher education while juggling family and work responsibilities.

Despite financial struggles and having to often study late into the night after completing his daily security duties, he persevered and achieved his goal of attaining a university degree.

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In an interview, the proud new graduate said Bobi Wine had served as a source of inspiration and encouragement during his studies.

“Whenever I faced challenges, Hon. Wine would remind me of the importance of education and tell me that with hard work and determination, I could complete my program,” Sharif remarked.

He further added that he aimed to find new employment opportunities where he could utilize his qualifications.

Bobi Wine told our news reporters that “through his dedication and resilience, Sharif has shown that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and better your situation.”

Meanwhile, Bobi Wine, who is himself a musician and activist in addition to his political role, expressed congratulations and pride in his longtime employee’s accomplishments.

In conclusion, he stated that diplomas at public graduation exemplified the transformative power of education.

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