July 15, 2024

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga to wed Pastor Jengo and his wife

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Pastor Andrew Jengo, the lead pastor of Revival Church in Kawala, has revealed that he’s open to being wed by his late father, Pastor Yiga Augustine Abizaayo’s nemesis’, Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga.

It should be noted that Pastor Andrew Jengo recently showed off his bride-to-be. She’s been a congregant in the church, and the young pastor revealed that they have spent five years in courtship.

He said that the late was a conman and false preacher. On top of that, he had been HIV positive and had infected several women intentionally.

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Apparently, they are set to legalize their relationship next year, in November. Jengo was asked about who he would have to marry him.

He revealed that for now, he hasn’t decided on who it will be, but he has someone he’s always wanted to marry him, ever since he was young.

“I haven’t really thought about who will wed me, but I have someone on my mind that I have always envisaged marrying ever since I was growing up. However, I can’t reveal who it is for now since I haven’t confirmed it with them. For Bugingo or Ssenyonga to marry me, it’s totally fine and possible.”

However, the nastiest of clashes was with Pastor Ssenyonga. The Bwaise-based pastor had been clashing with Yiga before his death. Even after he died, the Christian Life Church proprietor continued to attack him.

In conclusion, Bugingo recently aimed a dig at the young man after he said that young pastors no longer focus on spreading the gospel. All they care about is wooing their sheep.

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