June 17, 2024

ADF Rebels Will Soon Attack Uganda – President Museveni

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President Museveni has said it is just a matter of time before the ADF rebel group ends up in the dustbin of history. The president said this during his New Year message on Sunday. He said the Ugandan army, the UPDF, will not relent on bombing and attacking ADF hideouts.

Museveni said that “they are able to do this because the border is unclosable. It is long and has many crossing points, many of them in the bush. Besides, we do not want to close the border because we shall disrupt the lives of the brother peoples of Congo and Uganda.”.

The UPDF has, in a joint operation code named ‘Shuja’ with the Congolese army of FARDC since December 2021, attacked ADF hideouts inside the DRC. A number of the groups’ fighters and commanders have either been killed in action or captured alive. Several of their camps have also been destroyed.

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Museveni, however, said that apart from destroying the source by attacking the ADF in Congo, the other correct answer is thorough intelligence and internal mobilization.

“Therefore, all our bazukulu, be alert. Let everybody show you his electronic identity card issued by NIRA. Do not accept those printed on Nkrumah Road. Anybody approaching you and wanting you to keep his bag or package, insist that he opens it.”.

In conclusion, Museveni said he was happy that several commanders of fighters for the ADF have, in the past few months, been killed. He mentioned Njovu, whose group of 10 carried out the attack and killed two tourists and their Ugandan driver in Queen Elizabeth. Njovu’s replacement, Kamusu, has also since been killed by the UPDF.

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