June 24, 2024

President Museveni Speaks Out On Missing Ugandans

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President Museveni has broken his silence on the issue of missing Ugandans. This is especially true of opposition supporters allegedly arrested by security agencies. While responding to a question during a media engagement at State House in Entebbe, Museveni said the arrests are illegal and should be condemned by everyone.

President Museveni told uncovered news reporters that “those arrests are illegal.”Arresting individuals without taking them to court is illegal and unacceptable. Anyone detained must be brought before court within 48 hours.”.

“It turned out that these pro-opposition groups, when there is an issue, go to NGOs to report the state. If someone is missing, report it to the police station, not the NGO. The NGO or whites won’t save you here. This is the Republic of Uganda. Let it be on record, and if action is not taken, we know who to blame. The arrests are illegal, but we use democratic structures to expose them,” he added.

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Speaking on Friday, President Museveni said that where arresting and detaining Ugandans beyond the mandatory 48 hours is illegal, is it not right for the opposition to run to NGOs for assistance?

However, this is especially the National Unity Platform, and detain them with trial. The issue reached a new level this year when opposition MPs boycotted parliamentary sittings until the government issued a comprehensive statement about the matter.

In conclusion, the issue of missing Ugandans has been a sticky one since the 2021 general election. The opposition has for all these years accused security agencies of arresting and detaining supporters of opposition political parties.

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