June 17, 2024

Pastor Jengo tells Christians to stop worshiping their Pastors

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Pastor Andrew Jengo, has asked born-again Christians to stop worshiping their pastors. He said the only person to worship is God, not anyone else, as he is the creator and provider of everyone.

Pastor Jengo said he knows some people who believe in their pastors as if they are God, and even pastors who tell their followers to believe in them.

Pastor Andrew Jengo told our news reporters that “I am tired of seeing our born-again Christians worshiping and praising their pastors as if they are God. It is not okay, and my job is to preach to them that no human being is supposed to be  worshiped.

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Apparently, Pastor Jengo became a pastor even before his father died. After the death of Pastor Yiga, he fully took on the church.

He has been facing some financial challenges, which have made it hard for him to lead his followers. Most of the people have left his church for other churches. According to the man of God, life is never easy, and he also faces challenges like other people.

He said the only thing he wants is to tell Ugandans, especially the born-again Christians, to stop praising and worshiping their pastors.

In conclusion, the man of God said he is going to go around preaching that, and he knows some of the people that follow him will understand it.

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2 thoughts on “Pastor Jengo tells Christians to stop worshiping their Pastors

  1. Its a good advise to most of the born again Christians who tend to worship their pastors instead of the almighty lord,
    Thanks pastor Jengo Andrew 🙏🙏🙏

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