July 15, 2024

Minister Phiona Nyamutoro survives being assinated

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The Minister of State for Minerals, Phiona Nyamutoro, survived a shooting incident involving a private security guard in Kisoro District.

However, the security personnel who were guarding the National Cement Company, a subsidiary of the Devki Group, already had a bullet in the chamber, according to police officers who were with the minister at the scene.

Authorities stated that illegal mining activities were being conducted on the land, and the minister had gone there for an inspection.

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Furthermore, the guards allegedly received orders to fend off anyone approaching the premises. Nyamutoro has requested the police arrest the directors of the company.

The guards were disarmed and detained. She has also requested a heavy deployment of security in the area.

Below is the video shared on Twitter on how the minister, was shooting for help on the guards after surviving the shooting

Minister Phiona Nyamutoro has been traveling across the country, conducting consultative meetings with local government leaders and stakeholders regarding the regulations on artisanal mining.

In conclusion, here at uncoveredug.com, we request the government of Uganda to provide good security to the ministers for a better Uganda 🙏🙏🙏

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