June 24, 2024

Man in Mayuge dies due to illegal power connection

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Authorities in Busoga East have officially reported the death of Amuza Woya, a 30-year-old resident of Musima village in Mpungwe sub-county, Mayuge district. Woya’s tragic death occurred due to electrocution while attempting an illegal power connection to his residence on Tuesday, December 26, 2023.

However, Moses Kyobe, a local resident, recalled hearing a significant blast around the transformer and promptly contacted UMEME officials. Initially assuming a mere short circuit, they soon discovered the grim reality of Woya’s electrocution.

As per accounts, Woya scaled the electric poles on Tuesday night without the required protective equipment to access electricity. Unfortunately, he was electrocuted and fell lifeless to the ground.

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Furthermore, Kyobe pointed out that certain residents exploit frequent blackouts to engage in unauthorized power tapping. He emphasized that when electricity unexpectedly stabilizes, such endeavors often result in serious accidents.

Diana Nandawula, the spokesperson for Busoga East police, confirmed the incident and disclosed that the deceased’s body had been transported to Mayuge Health Center IV mortuary for a postmortem examination before being released to the family for burial.

Nandawula underscored Mayuge district as a hotspot for illegal power connections and expressed ongoing efforts to collaborate with UMEME in educating the public about the hazards linked to unauthorized power access.

In conclusion, she urged the community to seek professional assistance when connecting power to their homes, emphasizing the perils associated with opting for inexpensive labor, which frequently leads to incidents of electrocution.

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