April 13, 2024

Let’s save Dr. Anthony’s life

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Dr. Anthony, aged 37, is in danger after spending twenty years suffering from the diabetic disease, which has put his life in doubt.

The disease is at its end stage, and he needs a kidney transplant for his survival. The doctors and he have worked hard to ensure that the disease doesn’t reach the final stages, but unfortunately, it has.

Here at Uncovered News, we interacted with the doctors to see the way forward, and they told us that “Dr. Anonthy needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible “.

“A major surgery is to be done in better hospitals before September 15, 2023, this Friday”,  the doctor added. The surgery will cost Ugandan shillings 41,000 USD, which is approximately 150 million.

For any assistance or support towards Dr. Anthony’s health
Dr. Anthony Buhanganaiso and wife Namugabo Martha seek any medical support for the health of Dr. Anthony, as shown below:
1026100867687-Equity bank, Anthony Buhanganaiso
Note: The account number displays the name of Anthony Buhanganaiso as the account name.

Further more, we added by saying they have the phone numbers for anyone willing to support them towards the health of Dr. Anthony, as shown below:

+256-783264808 (Buhanganaiso Anthony, husband)
+256-788718494 (Namugabo Martha, wife).

Inconclusion Here at Uncovered News, we seek any medical support for Dr. Anthony so that he goes for a major surgery to ensure that his kidney is transplanted.


written by @enock katamba

Mr. katamba Enock: Professional designer with experience in web designing who started this activity in 2019 at Kyambogo University after graduation . Contact me on : (+256-758287080)

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