June 17, 2024

Lets save baby John from heart problem

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A baby of two weeks Kusiima John Mary Kimutai who  was born with a heart problem in Mulago hospital and an operation was done to him in Uganda health Institute by the doctors and the nurses.

The doctors and nurses in Uganda Health Institute tried hard to ensure that the baby’s life comes back to normal in order to allow him breath without oxygen support.

Here at uncovered news we interacted with the doctors to see the way forward and they told us that “The baby needs a major surgery”.

“A major surgery is to be done in Narayana Hospital India before the baby, Kusiima John Mary Kimutai makes six weeks”, the doctor added. The surgery will cost Ugandan shillings 52 millions.

For any assistance/support towards the child’s health

The mother, “Sukuku Daisy” and the father, Isingoma Ignatius of the sick baby Kusiima John Mary Kimutai seek for any medical support towards the health of their child as shown below:

AC no. 6420000288-Centenary bank

AC no. 9030004292161-Stanbic bank

Note. Both account numbers display Sukuku Daisy as the account name.

Further more, the parents added by saying they have got the phone numbers for any one willing to support them towards the health of the child as shown below:

+256-774785785/+256-701785784(Sukuku Daisy- Mother)

+256-772927921/+256-702002580(Isingoma Ignatius-Father)

Inconclusion here at uncovered news we seek for any medical support towards the baby so that he goes to India for a major surgery to ensure that his heart comes back to normal

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