June 17, 2024

Kyeyo Bound Kadamas Fight In Bed Spaces Over ‘KIGAMBO

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Kyeyo-bound Kadamas fight in bed. There was chaos on social media as Kyeyo-bound Ugandans to the Middle East found themselves in bed spaces over chewing themselves. As they waited to be dispatched to their respective destinations, a pair decided to feast on themselves.

However, she had a boyfriend on board, but it wasn’t the boyfriend she did it with. It was rather another guy who was headed somewhere else.

The boyfriend, known as MC Josh of NBS nabbed them red-handed, and he lost his cool. He couldn’t believe that his baby was being chewed by some other guy, yet he was also around.

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Furthermore, he started beating them and started off with the chick. After he took on the guy, he was advised by his friends not to beat or record them, but he had already become furious.

It’s not clear what prompted the girl to cheat on the guy despite him being on board. However, social media users advised Josh that this chic is not his. The fact that she slept with another guy, knowing that he’s around, shows what type of woman she is.

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In conclusion, they therefore advised him to just let her go and move on past this girl. Others told him that he definitely doesn’t satisfy him or that she’s a professional footballer who knows how to distribute her midfield like Maino.

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