June 17, 2024

Sarah K Official video leaves netizens wondering!!

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The Alien Skin and Pallaso debate on social media has already been forgotten after Sarah K’s official video for 2023 made its way to different socials.

This talk has made some social media in-laws confirm that it’s true that being a Ugandan is a full-time job.

The popular Tiktok influencer has tried as much as she can to defend herself and also distance herself from the trending video, but all her proof has been declined immediately by all her social media in-laws.

Additionally, Sarah K. Official revealed to Sabula Ug that the girl in the video doesn’t have tinted hair, while for her, she has had tinted hair since day one.

However, that alone could not convince social media in-laws that she is not the one in the trending video.

A few hours ago, all the social media users were rolling on the debate about who, between Pallaso and Alien Skin, had a better concert.

Since we posted this article, the talk on different social media sites has already changed. Popular and notorious Ugandan TikTok influencer Sarah K has willingly exposed her tiny sumbie.

Recently, social media wannabes have been vying for fame, and some are willing to go above and beyond for the public. Sarah has accomplished it once more for netzines, so it looks like we won’t be disappointed by the month’s end.

written by @enock katamba

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