June 17, 2024

Konshens addresses criticism of not giving Money in Kagga

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Konshens has addressed the criticism of not giving the late Mowzey Radio’s mother money. Apparently, the Couple Up singer visited the late Goodlyfe singer’s resting place in Kagga, Nakawuka, in Entebbe municipality.

Apparently, the singer faced criticism from some Ugandans who said that the Jamaican didn’t give any condolences to Radio’s mother. It should be recalled that the whole meeting was filmed.

Konshens told us that “I’ve seen people online asking why I didn’t give the late Mowzey Radio’s family money. I didn’t know that I had to give them money. I did whatever I did out of respect.”.

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However, some people even said that this was done to promote his upcoming show. However, according to the Jamaican, he didn’t give money because he didn’t know he had to. This is because all he did was show respect.

Apparently, some Ugandans have it stuck in their heads that whoever comes to visit a deceased person should leave money behind. However, this is not bearing in mind that people are from different cultures.

In conclusion, Konshens is going to be performing at the Blankets and Wine party this weekend. Having last been to Uganda in 2013, he’s expected to deliver an electrifying performance.

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