June 24, 2024

Government rethinking new Tuberculosis care strategy

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The government is considering introducing a new tuberculosis care and treatment strategy that will help the country stop the spread of the disease.

Uganda is one of the world’s thirty (30) high-burden countries for TB and HIV co-infection. Each year, approximately 91,000 people in Uganda get TB, with 32% of them being HIV-infected.

The assistant commissioner in charge of tuberculosis and leprosy control at the Ministry of Health, Dr.Stavia Turyahabwe, says currently they are reviewing the current tuberculosis treatment care services to ensure they take the services closer to the community.

She says they have been compelled to do this because it was identified that over 53% of the households that have a TB patient spend over 20% of their annual income looking for TB services, and this has continued to hinder the patients in question from seeking treatment.

However, Dr. Achilles Katamba, a researcher at the World Alliance for Lung and Intensive Care Medicine in Uganda (WALIMU), who leads the study team, says he is optimistic that the new care strategy that will be recommended will work for the country to eliminate the disease.

In conclusion, the move to rethink the new TB care strategy is being funded by the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

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