June 14, 2024

Gerald Kiwewa: “I Want Gravity Omutujju For A Battle”

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Kadongo Kamu singer Gerald Kiwewa looks like he also wants to jump into the fray of music battles in the country. Apparently, he wants to battle local kidandali singer Gravity Omutujju.

The Bebe Cool-Chameleone face-off was the one everybody talked about recently. However, the steam in it seems to have cooled down a bit.

Battles are currently the hottest thing on everyone’s lips, including musicians. Following the success of the Sheebah-Cindy battle, others seem like they are in the works to follow suit.

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Apparently, Kiwewa, giving his views about these battles, said that he can also go head-to-head with any musician that comes up. He highlighted Gravity Omutujju. When they pressed him further, he revealed that he had given the Okwepicha singer as an example but would still go head-to-head with him.

Kiwewa told our news reporters that “I’m ready to take on any musicians that feel they could beat me on stage. I, for one, can battle the likes of gravity. Well, that’s just an example. And I don’t want him to hate me for no reason. Still, I feel confident about myself.”.

Additionally, the singer said that the government should even be paying them for keeping their minds at bay. This is because they are very intelligent, and if they employed their brains, the government wouldn’t still be standing.

In conclusion, the singer (Gerald Kiwewa) was also asked about the continued rumors of the government banning alcohol. Kiwewa is one of the top alcohol consumers in the music industry. He said that this can’t be done because the government wants to be sued by them.


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