July 18, 2024

FreeBoy Curses His Collaboration With Winnie Nwagi

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Singer FreeBoy has come out to curse his hit song Kwata Essimu with Winnie Nwagi, released about 2 years ago. This song topped the charts and was one of the biggest at the time it was released.

Apparently, MTN and Airtel even conspired with some people and used it as caller tune without his consent. Even up to now, he hasn’t received any royalties from it.

This prompted him to sue these telecom companies, and the case is in court pending. He doesn’t know who authorized them to use the song, yet he’s the legal owner of it and has all the documents.

FreeBoy, who is based in West Nile, however, says that he profited nothing from this song. He can’t say that it did anything beneficial for him, such as buying a car, land, or funding his education.

“Apparently, I have never benefited from that song. I can’t say it has bought me a car, land, or financed my education. I released it in lockdown and didn’t get a chance to perform it. However, telecom companies, which could have hired me and paid me, dubiously use the song as a caller tune. I used both MTN and Airtel because I have all the documents showing the song is mine.”

Additionally, he said that although he regrets doing the song, his door of opportunities could maybe one day be opened by it. For now, the singer decided to join UMA to fight for the copyright law.

In conclusion, he believes that with a united front, they can achieve something beneficial for the industry. Currently, he also runs a music label in West Nile.

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