June 17, 2024
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Crysto Panda, a TV presenter and recording artist, has shared his take on fellow artists who perform stunts to gain attention in the media. The singer says that artists who perform stunts just lack content and good work to offer their fans.

However, he also added that if any artist has lots of work in store, they usually have no time to waste on pulling stunts. This is because they usually focus on promoting their songs so that the public gets to love and appreciate them.

Panda told uncoveredug news reporters that “I need people to also give me credit. Artists pulling off stunts are doing so because they have no work in store. People with work don’t have time to do stunts. If you have good music, just perform for your fans and take on the next action. It’s even childish.”.

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Crysto Panda further describes the act of performing stunts as childish. He went on to advise artists to always get back to their drawing boards and get their notes in check if things are not going well.

The singer went ahead to brag about himself, stressing that based on how he has trending songs, it is hard to find him pulling off stunts.

In conclusion, he also requested that the public give him some credit for the work he has put in. Apparently, getting to where he is right now did not come easy.

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