June 17, 2024

Carol Nantongo talks about her relationship with Lydia Jazmine

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Carol Nantongo has come out to give an update about her relationship with fellow singer Lydia Jazmine. It should be noted that these two were once her best friends. For the past couple of years, the two have expressed a very lovely friendship on social media.

Carol told uncoveredug news reporters that “there are some issues I really don’t want to talk about. And since some stories are propagated by the media, they should be concluded. For Eddy Kenzo, he’s my friend, just like other musicians. There is nothing intimate between us.”.

A couple of months ago, their friendship seemed to develop a very damaging dent. This saw Carol Nantongo unfollow the Masukka singer on Instagram.

Since then, they haven’t been spotted together ever. The rumor mill has it that Eddy Kenzo was the reason the two fell out, since claims were that they all had intimate links to him.

Although she doesn’t want to talk about Lydia Jazmine and their relationship, her body language speaks a lot when the Njagala singer is mentioned. Meanwhile, she revealed that she’s planning a concert next year, and she’s so eager about it.

In conclusion, the Oliwa singer refused to comment about her beef with Jazmine. She said that she didn’t want to comment about it. When she was asked about her relationship with Kenzo, she said that they are friends just like with others.

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