April 13, 2024

Charles Rwomushana And Hon Lutamaguzi Fight In Studio

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Rwomushana and Lutamaguzi Fight. Political analyst Charles Rwomushana and Nakaseke South MP, Hon. Paul Lutamaguzi Ssemakula, surely don’t like each other. Whenever these two meet in BBS TV’s studios, it all ends in chaos, insults, and almost fist fighting.

Apparently, Rwomushana, who is so critical of most political figures, including Museveni, Muhoozi, Besigye, and Bobi Wine, dawned on the NUP principal. Well, he calls them a gang of criminals with no principles who rely on insults to advance their political agenda.

The pair is always interfering with one another as they make submissions, and it’s fair to say that they have no ounce of affection for each other. On this particular episode, they almost exchanged blows and ended up with insults.

Furthermore, this time around, he pointed out how the Kyagulanyi gang attacked and insulted the late Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. They labeled him with various accusations. As he was still making his submission, Lutamaguzi intercepted him and asked him for evidence.

Rwomushana, who wasn’t having any of it, told the MP to go and check on all the people who insulted Kabaka, Museveni, and other people. They are all NUP-related. The MP was asked not to interfere by the moderator since he had used his time.

Lutamaguzi refused to heed the call and called Rwomushana a munyampi. This is a common insult the opposition NUP uses to attack westerners, especially supporters of Museveni. An infuriated Rwomushana told Lutamaguzi to go and fart for his mother. (KANYAMPIRE NYOKO)

In conclusion, the moderator was left with no choice but to bring the program to an end or risk a fist fight. Rwomushana and Lutamaguzi fight

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