June 17, 2024

Absence Of Festive Joy As Israel Strikes Gaza On Christmas

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Amidst the spirit of Christmas, Palestinians residing in Gaza are grappling with a somber reality as Israel’s bombardment continues to inflict devastation and despair. In stark contrast to the celebrations taking place around the world, the people of Gaza find themselves immersed in a harrowing ordeal that has left them devoid of joy during this festive season.

However, at a hospital in the southern city of Khan Yunis, the center of recent fighting, Fadi Sayegh, whose family has previously received permits to travel to Bethlehem for celebrations, said he would not be celebrating Christmas this year.

“There is no joy. No Christmas tree, no decorations, no family dinner, no celebrations,” he said while undergoing dialysis. “I pray for this war to be over soon.”

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Instead of celebrating with loved ones, they have been forced to seek shelter, living in constant fear of the next air raid or missile strike.

Furthermore, the indiscriminate bombings have not only claimed lives but have also destroyed homes, schools, hospitals, and vital infrastructure.

Sister Nabila Salah from the Catholic Holy Church in Gaza—where two Christian women were killed by an Israeli sniper earlier this month, according to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem—struck a sombre tone.

In conclusion, bombings have destroyed different infrastructures. Additionally, while Christmas is traditionally a time of joy and togetherness, the people of Gaza have been confronted with the harsh reality of conflict and destruction.

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