March 2, 2024

Breaking: Gunmen kill 20 people in Burundi

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Gunmen killed at least 20 people and wounded nine others near Burundi western border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the government told reporters Saturday, in an attack claimed by the Reb Tabara rebel group.

However, those killed in the Friday night raid on a village called Vugizo included 12 children, two pregnant women, and a police officer, government spokesperson Jerome Niyonzima said.

Red Tabara, which has been battling Burundi’s government from bases in eastern Congo since 2015, claimed on the social media platform X to have killed nine soldiers and one police officer.

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The government of Burundi has told the people to be vigilant about the new faces they tend to recognize, this will help to trace the gun men in the society. Additionally we encourage the citizens to work hand in hand with the Burundi government

Apparently, local residents said they heard sounds of gunfire and explosions during the attack. Red Tabara previously said it had attacked and destroyed equipment at the country’s international airport in Bujumbura in September, although no casualties were reported.

In conclusion, we encourage the government of Burundi to strengthen the security sector so that it protects its people and their properties.

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